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You need to read this warning about military surplus meals that are ready to eat (MREs). Do you want to buy military MRE at an Army or Navy surplus store because you think you can find meals ready to eat wholesale there? I have good news and bad news for you. Very often you will find Navy or Army mre meals in these particular stores. But unfortunately, these stores are where the military meals ready to eat are the most expensive when purchased individually. Moreover, a case of twelve can be very very expensive. It's okay if you want to try them out, but if you want to purchase a lot you will need to shop elsewhere. Therefore, some people look on Ebay where they can buy not only risky product but MREs that are technically illegal.

According to the letter of the law, anyone selling a military surplus MRE to you on Ebay, in a surplus store, or anywhere is committing an illegal act. Surplus implies that there are mres that can be taken out of the military stock because there are too many and these extra ones can be offered to civilians who want to buy military mre meals. But on each package of military MREs it reads that commercial resale is unlawful. Why is selling Military MREs illegal? It technically is illegal to buy and sell government issue MREs on the civilian market because They are US Gov't Property and it is not lawful for anyone to resell them to people who want to purchase MREs for sale. As one person stated on the Internet: "The surplus stores will buy them as well even if they are illegal, the MP's don't have time to go to every shop to check them out and if the MRE's are expired then they don't care."

The Defense Supply Center in Philadelphia sent out this statement regarding military mre for sale on the civilian market: "All Operational Rations are procured by the Defense Logistics Agency and are Government owned property until consumed by authorized personnel or disposed of, if appropriate. Operational Rations are never considered “surplus”. RESALE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED, as expressly stated on MRE cases and individual menu bags (U.S. GOVERNMENT PROPERTY COMMERCIAL RESALE IS UNLAWFUL)." So there you have it folks. If you are going to buy military MRE you should do it legally through one of the two best military contracted suppliers of civilian MREs (Ameriqual and Sopakco) and these are legal to sell and purchase.

Reports have been made about some military MRE’s that have been kept in a war zone for months and even years prior to appearing on ebay. What person in their right mind wants to consume any kind of food that has been in a hot desert for a year or longer? It is impossible for any company to make an MRE that can keep its freshness and edibility in constant high heat over a long period of time. Many tests determining how long MREs can last under harsh conditions have been done by the U.S. Army’s NATIC Research Laboratories. The test results: when MREs are stored in heat day in and day out that is over 100 degrees, the shelf life is less than two years. But MREs stored at approximately 70 degrees lasted for around one hundred months. Is it really worth buying MREs from either a surplus store or from ebay when you are taking this kind of risk with what you plan to eat? Thankfully you can buy them new from the two best contracted companies that the military uses to supply their own military meals ready to eat.

So all hope in finding trustworthy MREs is not lost. After doing extensive research of legal MREs available to the public, this researcher found two companies which are the two best contracted suppliers of MRE to the military but also supply MREs especially for public sale. The two best suppliers out of the three companies contracted to sell military MRE meals are Ameriqual and Sopakco. Ameriqual is the largest supplier of MREs and has a very delicious variety of civilian military MREs available in their case of twelve Ameriqual APack MREs which are available inexpensively from The Ready Store. Sopakco is the oldest supplier of the civilian variety of military MREs and they can be purchased inexpensively by the case through Amazon. Most people liked the MREs made by these companies the best.

the surplus stores will buy them as well even if they are illegally bought to, the MP's don;t have time to go to every shops to check it out and if the MRE's are expired then they don't care.




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